198 Charm List

Welcome to Kinki!!
Kinki, which is the western region of Japan, is a one of the most fabulous areas in Japan. There are many historic sites such as temples, Shinto shrines, and castles. Furthermore, hands-on activities, shopping, and eating-out also have some local uniqueness. We are sure you’ll enjoy this trip to Kinki.

003 Hikone-shi… national treasure and Hikone-jo! HIKO NYAN is also waiting for 1 day three times!
010 Oumihachiman station of a terminal for Omihachiman-shi… Omi railroad Yokaichi line. “Sweetheart’s sacred place” and Omi cow!
016 The Kusatsu inn headquarters which leaves the trace in the Kusatsu-shi… Edo Period soon!
018 The town where Moriyama-shi… is the “firefly” clear air brings up.
019 It’s full of Ritto-shi… history romance, I wait, Ritto eight beauty spots.
025 Nagahama-shi… mackerel Japanese vermicelli and salad bread (the cooking bread which caught paste of the cut pickled radish mixed with mayonnaise in a roll).
032 Yasu city… nostalgia, modern streets and Hideyoshi’s castle town where old and new culture intersects.
033 Maibara city… “bronze bell museum (Yasu city museum of history and folklore)” and “smartweed noodles”.
047 Koka city… tour of the potters who touch various Shigaraki ware!
083 Shiga-ken which enjoys under the name of Taga-cho, Inukami-gun… “Mr. Taga”, first Taisha “Taga shrine”.
084 The Toyosato elementary school old schoolhouse registered with tangible cultural properties in Toyosato-cho, Inukami-gun… country is a stage of a popular animation “KEION”!
100 After enjoying Ryuo-cho, Gamou-gun… outlet shopping, it’s to the station on the way “Sato of Ryuo bend”!
101 The wonderful scenery from the Tarobo shrine where eastern Omi city… “the God who gives a victory and prosperity” is deified and there.
114 Otsu-shi… railway fan must-see! In use orbit around Keihan-dentetsu Otsu line Hamaootsu station
120 1900 years before of Takashima city… is established! The power spot called “Itsukushima in Omi” and the Shirahige shrine where a torii is floated on biwa lute lakeside
121 Konan-shi… force perfection! Mt. Iwane’s “magake Fudo image”
123 It’s experienced, by Aichi-gun Ai So town… “homespun Sato and diamond en” Aisome.
144 Kora-cho… “Otama tomato Rei summer” and “white bitter orange juice”.
149 I know history of Hino-cho, Gamou-gun… Hino merchant for 400 years! “Omi Hino merchant memorial hall”

020  Kyoto City … The world heritage of 17 and “Kyoto shi zoo” boasting the second oldest history in Japan
021 Powdered green tea of Uji-shi… nonesuch.
028 The charm “Maizuru red brick park” where Maizuru-shi… is nostalgic.
029 The rose garden which is fascination by Ayabe-shi… “AYABE Gunze square”.
031 “Fukuji Yamaki” Fukuchiyama-shi… Akechi Mitsuhide opened.
035 Kameoka-shi… is dynamic! Hozu river rafting and Arashiyama Sagano lorry train
036 Landmark and “Zezu killifish” of Kizu-gawa city… cherry tree.
037 Charm in Saiwai where the town where Kasagi-cho, Soraku-gun… pond smelt flaps are mountain products and a river, fully! In shiitake mushroom, matsutake mushroom and eel, turmeric!
065 One and “Amanohashidate” of Miyazu-shi… scenic trio of Japan.
066 The Ine-cho, Yosa-gun… tour of ship shops in Ine.
068 The “silk crepe, highway” ramble which touches history of Yosa-gun Yosano town… “Tango silk crepe”.
078 “Nagaoka-tenmangu” on the Nagaokakyo-shi… Sugawarano Michizane relation.
082 At Muko-shi… extremely dry shopping area, sudden death playoff! It’s a challenge in KARA-1 grand prize!
084 Kyotango-shi… Sanin-kaigan JIOPAKU and “Tango kingdom”.
102 The powdered green tea soft ice cream for which a tea-leaf in Minamiyamashiro-mura, Soraku-gun… localness was used abundantly is very thick and good!
119 Yawata-shi… heavy rain every time, the bridge girder let run? Flow bridge” of the unique structure
122 The station on the way where Kyotango-shi… is huge “Tango kingdom”.
135 Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun… financial coefficient Kyoto-fu No.1!. “Town Kumiyama-cho of moisture”
136 The town Seika-cho, Soraku-gun… keeps developing remarkably where “Kansai culture academic city” (the Gakken city which is a balk).
137 Town of green tea of the highest quality of Kyotanabe-shi… Japanese best.
145 A body and a heart are refreshed in the south Aka city… lapislazuli kei!
146 Beauty’s hot water of Joyo-shi… “Kyoto and its vicinity hot spring rest Kyoto main building”.
147 The town which produces 40 percent of the Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun… Ujicha green tea.
The winery restaurant capital Tanba-cho… Tanba wine manages “duTamba (DEYUTANBA)”
Oyamazaki-cho… “Asahi beer Oyamazaki mountain cottage art museum” and “Suntory Yamasaki factory”
It’s satisfied with a great panorama in Ide-cho… Kyoto, Osaka, Gakken city and Nara district! “Ten thousand light Rozan observatory”
I have caught the fire in Ujitawara-cho… SNS! A ceiling painting is also attraction in “Shoju in” with a lovely cat eye window at the heart-shaped.

001 Much, vegetables and chicken in Kashihara-shi… season (chicken) simmer, boil and eat! The idea pot Chie of a pioneer produced “Asuka pot”
008 By the tour of the Nara-shi… world’s cultural and natural heritages and “if, town” walk, time travel.
014 Is there an origin of Sakurai-shi… Japanese noodles food in Minowa? “Minowa Japanese vermicelli”
017 I enter the gate temporarily at a town of Yamatokoriyama-shi… goldfish! Goldfish rescue school!
026 Please visit Tenri-shi… power spot. Yashiro and Isonokamijinguu in the Japanese oldest
034 Is it deep and thick than Yamatotakada-shi… Narazuke pickles? “It’s immersed in UNEBI.”
The station on the way where remains in a post-town on the Mitsue-mura, Uda-gun… Ise main highway are full of 044 “highway Ichiba Mitsue”
045 The heart is also full at Soni-mura, Uda-gun… Soni high plain and a farm garden!
050 In the full-course dinner which is a mushroom dish by Higashiyoshino-mura, Yoshino-gun… “house of mushroom”, gusto.
051 95% of the Kawakami-mura, Yoshino-gun… area is a forest! “Waterfall of a dragonfly (cause Rei)”
056 The post town where Kinokuni is formed with Gojo-shi… Daiwa country and streets which prosper as an entrance to Yoshinoyama place.
057 Kashiba-shi…, just like, snow scene? Throughout the year, silvery snowscape and DONZURU peak
059 Totsukawa-mura… Japanese best! “Tanise’s suspension bridge”
069 Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun… Shigi Ikoma scenic mountain highway, comfortable driving!
070 Highlight filling in the shrine where Gose-shi… history is here “nostalgic highway”.
103 A leisure spot using Yamazoe-mura, Yamabe-gun… great outdoors, fully! “Forest Park Kounosan” “country park Okawa” “forest of an adventure”
Of sheets with Uda city… locally produced item blueberry, variously!
The “Taima temple” learned about at Mandala of Katsuragi city… Chujo-hime
Does it appear suddenly in Ando-cho, Ikoma-gun… rice paddy? By scarecrow art, town promotion
Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun… local brand of sake “first early-winter shower” and Tatsuta are raised up, project! The Olympic Chinese restaurant loved by a townsman, are the taste and the size the gold medal order?
Tatsuta’s river which was also sung by Sango-cho, Ikoma-gun… traditional Japanese playing card. Tatsuta Taisha at which Jin of a wind lodges
Shell button in the town where I have no Kawanishi-cho, Shiki-gun… seas? Local industry Miyake-cho, Shiki-gun… which takes pride in its whole country  top share is just made, fresh taro potato distilled spirits “Tonkura (See and bake it.)”
Place by the Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun… Momotarou birth! A famous kind of cake “peach legend”, “during Gosengoku”

Koryo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun… nature and an ancient burial mound, fully! Umami hill park
Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun… flower of four seasons, fully! Flower festival Umami hill park
Town of a pet dog of Kitakatsuragi-gun Ojicho… Prince Shotoku and the railroad 2 lines of the JR2 line and Kintetsu Yukimaru watches gather
Kanmaki-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun… “bamboo grass lily princess” legend
Town of Ken Miyuki and the medicine which continue from the Takatori-cho, Takaichi-gun… Asuka period
Asuka-mura, Takaichi-gun… ancient city Asuka cultural festival. The fireworks which are a portable shrine and a finale in a drum! The spotted festival is best!
Kurotaki suspension bridge of Kurotaki-mura, Yoshino-gun… Kurotaki forest story village is the longest hammock edition suspension bridge in Japan!
By Oyodo-cho, Yoshino-gun… coarse tea project, town promotion! The nijuu century pear which isn’t discounted to Tottori
Disposable wooden chopsticks using Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun… Yoshino cedar. It’s despised with only disposable wooden chopsticks, do you cry?
The sushi shop where the long-established store restaurant where I also appear on Shimoichi-cho, Yoshino-gun… kabuki “Yoshitsune Senbonzakura” “fished BEZU SHI Yasuke” is the Japanese oldest. Leaf sushi of a homemade persimmon from HONMAMON is “and, oh, ten” and!
The Ikoma-shi… whole country, the only bamboo whisk for making powdered green tea, (, it isn’t done.) of Sato. takemeidou which inherits history in 500 and tradition.
Sato and limestone cave of Tenkawa-mura, Yoshino-gun… brand-name spring water! The country where a highlight is heaven much. A long-established store Japanese-style inn with a hot spring of foundation for 500 years is collaboration of the tradition x young feeling, and you produce space of cure.
Kamikitayama-mura, Yoshino-gun… specialty IZA SAZU, gusto!
Daiwa vegetables and Shimokita spring of Shimokitayama-mura, Yoshino-gun… tradition, oh, dish


004 The Japanese whiskey Shimamoto-cho, Mishima-gun… is clear and good “water from” detached palace brings up!
006 Takatsuki-shi… ancient Japanese tomb of a circular shape with a rectangular frontage! Imajo hillock ancient burial mound and Imajo hillock ancient history house
022 Osakasayama-shi… big ampelopsis, “and, something good of MA”.
023 A castle is also in ARU in a town of Kishiwada-shi… float! The “Kishiwada castle” by which a donjon is left
030 The municipal management park where Sakai-shi… sumo wrestling hall is also here “Ohama park”.
054 When Hirakata-shi… pure ice is used, isn’t it made Kean? “Hirakata toukoori” softness, shaved ice
060 The gusset full of Suita-shi… charm “SUITA!” Isn’t Fukita arrowhead only osechi ryori?
061 A fossil of a gusset money alligator of 450,000 years before of Toyonaka-shi… is a hint! Gusset money meat is brand-ized!
074 Itami-shi… is dynamic! Itami sky park
075 As it is read as Kaizuka-shi… Kaizuka-shi, and it’s a letter, I’ll enjoy “gathering shellfish at low tide”!
077 kouhoshi legend in Katano-shi… eight piece three place.
088 A city and a winery wait for home of Kashiwara-shi… “Kawachi wine” in a body, promotion.
091 Doesn’t everyone know Osaka-shi…? “The Kutara cargo terminal station”
092 The Yao airport where taking off and landing of Yao-shi… helicopter and a small plane is seen imminently.
125 The fashionable cafe which appears suddenly in the Tondabayashi-shi… country landscape “ONIJAS COFFEE”.
126 Taishi-cho, Minamikawachi-gun… radio control fan must-see! “Crown prince interchange RC circular course”
127 The “Kuzui temple” established in the Fujiidera-shi… middle in the 8th century (Huji coming and others).
129 By Kawachinagano-shi… “village in Okugawauchi KUROMARO”, buffet lunch.
130 I look for formative process and an international exchange of Kanan-cho, Minamikawachi-gun… Japanese ancient state, “near, TSU Asuka museum”.
131 Belly in Matsubara-shi… Osaka! “Separate MARCHE which can also eat the Kawachi duck brand which waits
132 Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun… this place gourmet and “Kumatori croquette” with taro potato.
133 Chihayaakasaka-mura, Minamikawachi-gun… Osaka suburban districts of Osaka, the only village! Place by the Kusunoki Masashige relation
134 Center of the Izumi-shi… Izumi country. The station shiitake mushroom is gathered in the morning and where it’s the way “Mt. Izumi, Sato of love”
148 Habikino-shi… is OK in TEBURA! It’s direct from the farm at the station on the way “village of a swan”, BBQ of vegetables
An adult and a child take a field trip by Takaishi-shi… Osaka Gas “gas science museum”.
Izumiotsu-shi… Ikegami Sone remains and Ikeue Yayoi Sone learning house. I challenge comma-shaped bead making!
The sad story of the Genpei battle from which Tadaoka-cho… Japanese best is transmitted to a small town “Tadaoka shrine”
Pottery of Izumisano-shi… “home Machiya house” and “plain kiln”
At the station in Tajiri-cho, Sennan-gun… TAJIRI sea “Tajiri fishing port”, Sunday morning market, fishing experience and BBQ!
The station on the Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun… way is seen and torn Dream lighthouse.
Hannan-shi… purchase on credit Turret room and finger Idemori shrine
Sennan-shi… local food “Osaka-style pressed sushi” of UO politics
Are Ikeda-shi… chicken Chinese noodles at Suites Hotel?
Minoo-shi… Minoo beer and “I pon-zu vinegar” with seedling citron.
Home of Ibaraki-shi… Ibaraki Doji.
You can meet Settsu-shi… 0 system Shinkansen vehicle and EF15 type electric locomotive! “The Shinkansen park”
Surprisingly, is Neyagawa-shi… under the elevating structure in the station? “Kayashima shrine”
“Mr. Sada Tenjin Miyamoto” authorized by Moriguchi-shi… central designation tangible cultural properties (Sada heavenly god sign)
The shrine where history in about 1600 to which embankment of the bank of Kadoma-shi… Matsuda is set with beginning is here “Tsutsumine shrine”
Santa Claus project of 100 people of Shijonawate-shi…!
The “Nozaki shrine” from which Daito-shi… will be learned about by “NOZAKI coming” which sacrifices thanks to all ones irrelevantly relevantly
Sacred place of Higashiosaka-shi… rugby! “Flower garden rugby playground”
Toyono-cho… Takayama Ukon Born place
The HOKKORI cafe where this Nose-cho… Takidera has that “cafe in Mt. HON TAKI”

007 Town of Akashi-shi… food! Why is Akashi’s fish good? “Disclosure omelet” of B-1 grand prize winning a prize
015 Aioi-shi… Aioi PERON festival.
027 Harima-cho, Kako-gun… Onaka remains.
038 Castle in the Asago-shi… sky “Takeda ruin of a castle” and the “sword fight battle” with peaceful best in the world.
039 Nishiwaki-shi… Nishijin brocade.
040 Inami-cho, Kako-gun… iridescent FAMIN.
041 Abacus in Ono-shi… Ono.
043 The Himeji-shi… UNESCO world’s cultural and natural heritage and Himeji-jo.
048 Pumice in Takasago-shi… Oishi shrine.
049 The nature of the big zelkova tree out of which the bridge which is also designated as Tanba-shi… natural monument is formed.
052 Sasayama-shi… traditional work “Tanba Tachikui baking” experience!
067 Toyooka-shi… hot spring town.
074 The Itami sky park where taking off and landing of Itami-shi… airplane is seen dynamically.
076 The Kasai-shi… domestic maximum level! 460 “Tulip festival” by which 220,000 kinds bloom.
079 Hardware in Miki-shi… Miki.
080 Hill in Minamiawaji-shi… England.
081 Mikata-gun new Onsen-cho… superb view! Tajima Hiura
087 The charm in a sacred place and Hachibuse high plain of a foster father city… snowboarder is open throughout the year!
089 The Nishinomiya-shi… designated cultural property “historical site Nishinomiya fort”.
090 Takarazuka-shi… “Nishitani dream market”.
093 Sanda-shi… beautiful Senjo temple lake is Aono dam.
094 Inagawa-cho… national history mark “Ota copper silver mine remains”.
095 Year-round holds Kawanishi-shi… event for children! “Hitokura (one warehouse), dam”
096 The art museum where I possess Kobe-shi… national treasure and an important cultural asset and the street where a shrine pauses quietly.
097 Gourmet enjoying of Ashiya-shi… international sightseeing cultural city “ASHIYA”.
104 Taishi-cho, Ibo-gun…, heroic fire festival “torch in a field”.
105 By Mikata-gun Kami town… “the station on the way Muraoka farm garden”, in Tajima cattle, gusto.
106 1 day when I eat by Awaji-shi… “Awaji highway oasis”, play and am funny!
107 1 year oysters which are Ako-shi… local specialties and called flavorful oyster are very good.
108 Vegetables of Kamigori-cho, Ako-gun… king “molohia”.
109 The experience classroom various by Taka-gun Taka town… “air Ray Ben Yachiyo”.
110 The healthy food by which Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun… sounds good “rice cake wheat”.
111 The heart-shaped town where Kanzaki-gun Miwakawa town… Hyogo-ken is in a center mostly.
112 Footbath tearoom of Ichikawa-cho, Kanzaki-gun… “natural The hot water by which an umbrella is a TA hot spring brook”.
113 The “Sumoto ruin of a castle” which became a base of Awaji country government from Sumoto-shi… warlike ages to the Edo Period.
115 The age of the tree in Shiso city… Yamasaki Hachimanjinja Sacred tree MOKKOKU in 700!
116 The force of touryuunada where a strangely shaped rock and a mystery rock are heaved in the midstream in Kato city… Kakogawa is wonderful!
117 The castle town where it’s called city… “little Kyoto in Harima” to stand up.
118 I meet gusto direct from the farm by Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun… “Sato of the taste Crescent”.
124 Amagasaki-shi… reconstruction! Amagasaki castle
128 Kakogawa-shi… class B gourmet “the feed I overcome”.

002 The proof that the sound to which Tanabe-shi… charcoal (clear) passes is real and Kishu good charcoal.
005 Wakayama-shi…, the world and the Kitan Strait friend KE island where that place is “Shiro Laputa in the sky” at all.
009 The kingdom of fruits where a favor abundant in Kinokawa city… Kinokawa was received.
011 The natural gift abundant in Yuasa-cho, Arida-gun… “Leucopsarion petersi Hilgendorf”.
012 Sato of one and Kishu lacquer ware of Kainan-shi… Japanese four big lacquer ware.
013 Arida-shi… “TATCHO” Japanese best! The tempura which managed by a stone mill every the bone of a hairtail and raised it by oil “HONEKU”
024 The prefectural assembly hall with the oldest wooden Japanese design which exists where it’s in Iwaide city… “hill of tone history”.
042 Supporter strong in Kitayama-mura, Higashimuro-gun… hay fever! The rare citrus system fruit “Then it’s separate.”
The “Milky Way” 046 is invited to the fragrance of the Shingu-shi… famous kind of cake, and where it are “bell baking” and Matsuba shop in an… Koubai hall
053 By Hashimoto-shi… founder mikoto marine person in 1910, kaisou, “the RO Great Teacher who bites”.
058 Class B gourmet from Gobo-shi… Gobo “SECHI baking”.
062 The “Shirasaki ocean park” where Yura-cho, Hidaka-gun… is called” the Aegean Sea in Japan”.
063 The brand which sees Hidaka-gun and is pot town… Japanese best “southern high plum”.
064 In Sato in Kudoyama-cho, Ito-gun… Sanada, mystery, fully? The place to which Masayuki Sanada and Yukimura parent and child were confined after a war in Sekigahara
071 The abundant product and the specialty the natural environment abundant in Hidaka-cho, Hidaka-gun… brings up “KUE”.
073 The alarm is given in the Hirogawa-cho, Arida-gun… world. The town which can feel the height of the protection against disasters consciousness
085 The westernmost tip in Mihama-cho, Hidaka-gun… Kii-hanto! The horizon which can realize the round earth!
086 Susami-cho, Nishimuro-gun… “station Susami on the way” and “reference library of shrimp and crab”.
098 Please drive feelings in Higashimuro-gun Kushimoto-cho… “ell to Lulu number distress event”.
099 Symbol in the Inami-cho, Hidaka-gun… town “the big bridge which can be bought”.
138 Shirahama of a town of Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun… panda, a seaside area is also big substantiality!
139 Dojo-ji of “anchin and Kiyohime legend” renowned as Hidaka-gun Hidaka-gawa river town… Noh play, kabuki and a program of a joruri.
140 The “stock book set menu” of the set menu seller who can do Kamitonda-cho, Nishimuro-gun… line “Zero, I blow.”
141 The Nachikatsuura-cho, Higashimuro-gun… UNESCO world’s cultural and natural heritage “holy ground in Kii-sanchi and the visit way” “Otaki in Nachi”.
142 Ancient rite whaling origination and wait of “whale” in Taiji-cho, Higashimuro-gun… Japan.
143 At beautiful Kozagawa selected by Kozagawa-cho, Higashimuro-gun… “100 elections of Japanese land of mystery” “brand-name spring water hundred pieces in Heisei” “Japanese geological feature hundred pieces”, canoe experience!
There are Kaiso-gun Norimi Nomachi… train, the supermarket I don’t have, the nail salon I don’t have and a family restaurant. It’s best, but, some town!
The gusset which can enjoy hunt of fruits in Katsuragi-cho, Ito-gun… each season
Koya-cho, Ito-gun… world’s cultural and natural heritage Koya-san! “Sacred place in Kii-sanchi and the visit way”
Arida-gun Arita Kawamachi…, hot spicy “Japanese horseradish sushi”